Tourist places to visit in Shimla during summers – Shimla is one of the most attractive tourist destinations of Indian. A place that addresses a perfect place to enjoy holidays, weddings, honeymoons, traveling, etc. Importantly, Shimla is known as the Queen of hills that provides mesmerizing views, the beauty of nature, and romantic climates. So, let us inform you about the top tourist places to visit in Shimla during the summers

Tourist Places To Visit In Shimla During Summers

Further, Shimla is the most visited tourist destination as well, where a wide range of people visits every year. To spend their weekend and create lovely memories. In the following session, we at Hotel Deventure Shimla Hills will make your survey the most popular tourist places in Shimla to visit. Because in terms of tourism, Shimla has always won the heart of people. To serve the best time ever to have with someone. Now, scroll down for more. 

Tourist information Shimla 

A district located in Himachal Pradesh is also the most urbanized district in Northern India. This provides more in tourism and agriculture/horticulture as the major one for economic income. Here, check out the places to visit in Shimla 2020. 


One of the most tourists visited places in Shimla, Kufri is known for its beautiful mountains that deliver spectacular views to the visitors. Here, you will come to find several adventurous places and activities to do. Also, this one a filled with the beauty of nature that attracts people towards it. The best time to visit Kufri is from April to June in summers.  

Tourist Places To Visit In Shimla During Summers

Summer Hills 

Summer Hills is the most popular place with beautiful and astounding nature views. The visitors surround lush greenery that enhances the charm of the place. Importantly, this is one of the 7 hills in Shimla counted the most for tourist destinations. Here, one can easily fall in love with its peaceful and natural environment. 

Tourist Places To Visit In Shimla During Summers

The Ridge 

Located in the center of the city, The Ridge, Shimla is popular for its amazing mountains. Also, this tourist destination is similar to a paradise for all mountain lovers. Further, this spacious place becomes more beautiful at night. When the street lights turned on, the place gives breathtaking views of the mountains. You must visit this place between April to August.  

Tourist Places To Visit In Shimla During Summers

Jakhoo Hill 

This is one of the highest points in the city of Shimla. The place takes the attention of the visitors with its beauty of Jakhoo temple along with a statue of God Hanuman. This place provides peace and clam to visitors. So, if you ever plan to visit the temple then you must sure about the monkey’s awareness. They might be an obstacle in between your enjoyment. However, the monkey presents there will not hurt you. But one must be careful from them for more cheer. You can visit the place anyhow between November to March. 

Tourist Places To Visit In Shimla During Summers

Chadwick falls 

Places like Chadwick falls, that create a special appearance in the heart of the tourists make it one of the best destinations of Shimla. The reason that makes it special is its cool wind when breeze and the sound of the water. These both are enough to make people attract towards it.   

Tourist Places To Visit In Shimla During Summers

Moreover, this place is surrounded by dense forest and pine trees. To help the Chadwick falls in enhancing beauty. So, we suggest you to must visit this place during monsoons and admire its natural beauty. Also, not just in monsoons but one can go to this place between July to October months. Here, you can do: 

  1. Trekking 
  2. Hiking 
  3. Nature’s walk 
  4. Relaxation 
  5. Feel the nature peace 
  6. Enjoy the calmness 

Last but not least, the aforementioned study will guide you to the top 5 tourist places to visit in Shimla 2020. So, if you ever plan to spend your weekend at a place that defines nature’s beauty, amazing landscapes. And amazing views of the mountains, lush greenery, sparkling water, and romantic climate. Then Shimla will be a perfect place for you to enjoy the best time ever. So, book your tickets now and spend a comfortable holiday with Hotel Deventure Shimla Hills