Top revolving restaurants in Shimla – There is no love sincerer than the love for food. Everyone loves to taste new food dishes and delicacies that please your taste buds. Moreover, having such delicious foods at an amazing place like Shimla is like a dream come true. There are several restaurants and food shops in this alluring hill station. In this blog, we are going to tell you about the Top revolving restaurants in Shimla

list of revolving restaurants in Shimla

The queen of hills is one of the main tourist attractions in India. You find here showrooms and food outlets of all the top national and international brands of the world. However, being served a wide range of delectable foods in a revolving restaurant in Shimla is an amazing place. Thus, we’ll present before you a list of the Best Revolving Restaurants in Shimla.

Which are the Leading revolving restaurants in Shimla? 

A revolving restaurant is an eating place built to rest atop a circular revolving platform that operates as a large turntable. The food place offers you a stunning experience of dining out on a revolving floor. However, in a revolving restaurant, the building remains stationary and only the dining floor revolves. Altogether, it gives you a memorable dine-out experience. 

Have a look at the most visited revolving restaurants in Shimla: 

Deventure Hotel’s 360° - The Revolving Restaurant 

It is one of the top food places to visit in Shimla. The restaurant is known for serving the best quality food in the region. Moreover, this restaurant possesses top-quality interiors and furniture that represents the rich history of Colonial India. Plus, as its name suggests, here you get a 360-degree mesmerizing view of the Shimla hills. In other words, while satisfying your hunger you get to enjoy the natural beauty of Shimla. Furthermore, you get to choose here from a wide list of the top local and international mouth-watering cuisines. 

Deventure Hotel Shimla

Deventure Hotel is the best five-star hotel in Shimla. It has been serving its customers for years. Besides providing the top luxurious facilities, the hotel has 4 special restaurants according to different tastes of different people. Along with the 360° revolving restaurant, the other 3 dining places of Deventure hotel are Skybar, Windsor, and the Kawa restaurant. 

The Top of the World – Naldehra

This the restaurant is situated near the golf course in Naldehra, Shimla. Here you find an excellent architectural structure built using the finest wooden works. 

The experience of having food in the “Top of the world” the restaurant is awesome. The octagonal-shaped restaurant serves a wide range of exquisite foods. Moreover, the tall windows and the imported Finland timber glorify the beauty of the place. At this restaurant, you get an amazing view of the snow-covered hilltops and the entire Shimla city. 

Top Of the World Restaurant

Snow View Revolving Restaurant & Bar

The food place is widely renowned for its stunning ambiance. It is a well-furnished restaurant that serves a large variety of enticing foods. If you’re looking to dine out at a place having the best retro surroundings, visit this place. Moreover, besides tasty foods, you also get to enjoy pleasing western music that makes the atmosphere more charming. The best feature of this restaurant is that it serves home-like foods. Overall, a dine-out at this food place is an amazing experience that also suits your budget range. 

Ocean View Restaurant Shimla


In the end, having food in a revolving restaurant in Shimla is recommended to everyone. It is an amazing feeling all of you should experience at least once in your life. The restaurants listed above are one of the best revolving restaurants in our country. You can choose amongst any of them for spending quality time with you and your dear ones. Moreover, you’ll get served the top delicious foods you’ve ever wished for. Thus, make sure to visit these revolving restaurants whenever you plan for a trip to Shimla.