Top Food Places in Shimla That You'll Love – Who doesn’t like delicious food? “Food may be essential as fuel for the body but good food is fuel for the soul”. Good food is the basis of true happiness. Moreover, having mouth-watering delicacies in beautiful surroundings like that of Shimla is a real treat. The state capital of Himachal Pradesh is widely known for serving a wide range of palatable cuisines. Here, we are going to list the Top Food Places in Shimla that you’ll love to visit.

Food Places in Shimla

In the queen of the hills, you get to choose from a diverse range of local and national food items. Shimla is full of branded restaurants and cafes. Plus, there are several local food shops where you can satisfy your taste buds. But before eating anywhere it is always wise to be assured of the top-quality of food you eat. Thus, here we’ll tell you about the best food places in Shimla. 


List of Places Where You Get the Best Foods in Shimla

At Shimla, you’ll find restaurants and cafes serving foods under every budget range. From small local food shops to big lavish international level restaurants, Shimla has them all. Have a look at these prime foody places in Shimla:


The Deventure Restaurants

The Hotel Deventure is one of the finest places where you can stay in Shimla. It is a 5-star residential hotel that provides the best services and luxurious facilities at the cheapest rates. Moreover, the Deventure restaurant is widely famous for serving the best luscious food items in the entire region. Here, you are served a wide range of flavorsome foods in top-class surroundings with branded interiors and classy furniture.


At Hotel Deventure, you get to eat at a restaurant serving food that thrills your taste senses. You can choose from a broad range of multi-cuisine dishes. Furthermore, you eat at a location with stunning views of nature and the hills. The place is home to 4 different kinds of top-class international restaurants like:


  • Kawa Restaurant
  • 360° The Revolving Restaurant
  • Sky Bar Restaurant
  • Windsor Restaurant

Deventure Restaurants Shimla

The world-class interiors and a beautiful décor make them worth visiting. Plus, the restaurant is famous for providing the best hospitality services. Here, you get several food choices according to your taste. Whether you like Indian, continental, Italian or any other type of food, you’ll get multiple options for everything. Thus, if you are looking for the best place to eat in Shimla, consider the Deventure Restaurant. 


Café Simla Time 

This is a peaceful restaurant located at Shimla’s Mall Road. The place is perfect to have a delicious oven pizza or a soothing cup of coffee. Besides a vintage fiat car at its entrance, the café has attractive interiors. The specialty of this café is that it manufactures its bread. Hence, you need not worry about the top-quality of the foods they serve. Also, you can enjoy live music and a mesmerizing view of the sunset.

Cafe Simla Hills


The Oberoi Cecil Restaurant

This restaurant is renowned for always providing a great dining experience. Having decorated wooden paneled walls, the place has tall French windows that allow you to gaze at nature’s beauty. At this food place, you can choose from a variety of Indian, international and local Himachali foods.

Oberoi Cecil Restaurant


The Hotel Combermere’s Café Sol

At this place, you can taste a variety of Indian, Chinese and Italian dishes. Moreover, here you find a well-brimmed bar. Thus, it is a perfect place to spend quality time with your friends. Having delicious pasta, sandwiches along with a glass of beer at this place is always a special feeling.

Comberemere restaurant Shimla


The Devicos

This restaurant at Mall Road, Shimla serves the best prawn biryani. It has been pleasing the visitors of the city for decades. Plus, it serves you tasty foods at economical pricing. The restaurant has an appealing menu comprising of various delectable food items.

The Devicos Shimla



At Shimla, you will find hundreds of restaurants, cafes, and food shops. It is you who has to select a place that prepares its food with top-quality ingredients while maintaining proper hygiene. Hence, whenever you visit Shimla, consider eating from the top food places in Shimla listed above.